To love or to be loved?? That's a question...

For many times, me and my twin( not my real twin but my best friend with similar name) has this conversation about whether is it better to love someone or to be loved by someone.

My answer is always the same, it's the best where you can find someone that love you as much as you love him. Which is almost an impossible thing to happen... As there will be always one party who commit more.

My twin's answer is that she preferred to be loved. Because loving someone is very tiring...( Well, in the case of a one-sided situation) She also added on that in this case, you will then be able to love the one who loved you more. But whereas when you love someone more, he/she might not return that love, or appreciate it. I kind of agree with her.

Well, at least it's that way for the 2 of us... That's our opinion.

We also once talked about how some girls who expects guys to pay when they goes out with them, even if they are just friends... I guess a lot of girls these days, kind of expect guys to pay when they go out or stuff. ( not all girls la) My twin and i disagree on such action...

In our opinion, once or twice letting the guys pay is ok. But every time, no for us. It's not like we don't have money. It's like unless that particular guy is super rich or something, we people of our age mostly live off pocket money or our own salary for those who worked part-time. Where got money every time pay for you. If i am a guy, i also won't pay la. Like i don't need to spend on myself.

My twin was saying that most guys have ego, so we let them pay first and pay them back later. Hahax! But tell me which guy will take the money from the girl...

Oh and today, me and my coursemates was chatting about how some people have relationships then forget about friends. To me, my opinion la, true friends are always there for you. But your stead might not be there long for you. It's ok to have relationships la, but never neglect your friends because of that. As you might lose one or two friendships along the way...

Ah well, the issues that revolve around the word 'Love' are always complicated and have many complications. I guess, i am not in a very good position to really comment about it as i don't have any experience before. Hahax!!!
But who cares, i am happy being single, waiting for my Mr Right to appear. LOL!!!

Shall end here!


P.S:Btw, i really like this picture i took with my handphone camera. Really nice effect and it's not photoshop! I swear!

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