Money No Enough 2 Gala Premiere

Ok, so i went to the Gala Premiere of Money No Enough 2 yesterday night.

I went there collect my tickets and then stayed to watch the stage appearance by artistes attending the event.

And i seen loads of local artistes, mainly from MediaCorp and JTeam.

There's Felicia Chin,戚玉武, Shawn Lee( the guy from I not Stupid, very handsome XD), Nat Ho, Diya, Yang Jia Ying 3 guys from 才华,Jiang Cheng Xi, Xu Ya Hui, Zhang Yao Dong, and quite a few more others. Director Eric Khoo was there too. Not forgetting the main cast of the show, Mark Lee, Jack Neo, Hui ge and etc.

I still can't believe my mum got to shake hands with Felicia Chin at the side when i was in front of the stage taking pictures... Should have listen to my mum and wait at the side instead. LOL.

After that we went in to the theater waiting for the movie to start. Waited for quite sometime before, the main cast and several management level people came in to thanks us for coming and hope we enjoy the show etc.

Then the movie finally start at about nine twenty.

Money No Enough had been the highest earnings in box office in the local film industry.
Will Money No Enough 2 break its record?

Well, the movie started with complains about the ERP and saying that soon, ERP will be everywhere in the island and even when you walk out of the lift you will have to pay ERP. The movies also showed people destroying the ERP gantries and having a strike about no ERP. But if you notice clearly that the ERP gantries in the show is “EPR” instead. It stands for 'Every Price Rises'.

The CGs used in the opening was nice and amusing. I think it was a good start for a movie. However, the storyline of the movie is just so-so. Not bad, but not great either.

I like the part about the mother though. An old-aged mother who has dig out all her money for her sons when they need it, but when her health turn worse, they kicked her around like a ball between the 3 brothers. At least they tried taking care of her, well by putting her outside of the toilet, and inside of the toilet just because she can't control her bladder. In the end, they decided to send her to the old folk's home but the old mother ended up in the hospital instead. It's sad yet quite true in the society nowadays...

The ending of the movie is kind of cliché though, after business failure and ending up poor, they managed to succeed and the three brothers all became directors.

So back to my previous question, will MNE2 break the record?

Maybe yes? Maybe no?

I am not going to give a definite answer. :P

Okie, time for pictures!
Sorry for the bad quality though. I took them with my handphone camera and i am standing not very near the stage.

The Tickets

The 'EPR'

Stage Appearance ( Not in Order)

There are actually alot more pictures... But i am lazy to go photoshop the lighting because some of the photos i took are quite dark.

Shall end here.


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