Lucky! Free tickets to MNE2 Gala Premiere and lizards?


I was given a pair of free tickets to the Gala Premiere of Money Not Enough 2!!!

It will be held at Vivo City on the 28th of July at 7 plus and the movie starts at 8.55pm.

I think i am going to bring my mum along.

Wanted to ask my 2nd brother along de, since he brought me to watch IronMan during his company's movie day.

Well, since he don't want to go then i bring my mum lor.

I am a very guai daughter at times only.


Ok, you might be wondering how do i managed to get my hands on the free tickets.

Well, being a fan of Danson and part of Danson@SG FC, i am one of the in-charged of Danson's blog over at OMY.SG.

Hence, they have this privilege for the bloggers over at OMY.SG and the tickets are to be given to the first 15 who send in their particulars and the name of the director of MNE2, which is Jack Neo like who don't know.

I was like ' ok, it does not take up much of my time to send an email over so why not?'

Therefore, i sent the email over and to my surprise, i received an email stating that i am one of the first 15 to get the tickets! XD

Seem like lady luck is on my side these days! XD

Well, actually everytime when i want to win something right, i will most probably not get it.

But when it comes to times like this, like i just participate for fun, and i get the tickets. XD

I never used to had such luck when i was much younger. ( Why i used younger? Cause i am young not old at all! Hahax! True ma, i only 18 this year.XP)

Guess its a good thing. XD

This also mean something interesting for me to blog!

Finally something interesting in my boring life. HAHAX!!!

Okie, let me sidetrack abit. Anyways, i am going to end the post liao.

Well, i always used my laptop at the coffee table which has this drawer which i always play with by opening and closing. (Yes, i am bored) Then today, i felt something underneath the drawer and at first i though it was some piece of paper stuck there, it was like greyish and so i took a piece of tissue intending to clean it. Then i had a clear look at the end that was sticking out and realised that it's a freaking dead dried up lizard!!! I immediately jumped up from my sitting position and ran into the kitchen to wash my hands as i touched the bloody thing and screaming through out. After washing my hands, i ran into my mum's room and was screaming at my brother and mum to ask either of them to remove the thing from the drawer. My brother ended up clearing it, not forgetting to scare me with it before throwing it away.

You might think i am making a din just because of a stupid flatten lizard...
But you can't blame someone who had a phobia of lizards since young.
It started when there's this time i was throwing rubbish down the chute, and then this big fat lizard had to climb up my leg and i was shocked and jumped and it ran off and then climb to the hinge area and i slapped the door, and i think you know what happened. I din see it la, cause i ran away liao, but my mum told me that it was all curled up and stuff. EWWW, so disgusting la...

And when i went to shower later, after the flatten lizard, there's this small one on the celling of the bath room. I was freaked out and quickly showered and ran out of the bathroom la.

Urgh, why must there be lizards in this world? I prefer cockroach anytime.

Well, enough of my rantings...


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