The competition is finally over!!Yeah!!We tried our best and managed to finished making everything and most importantly, raise the flag!!!Hahax!!This shows that we are better then the guys.Well, of course it din went smooth for us le...First the name list got problem then shahida cannot take part...Then during the competition, the clove hitch drop out and have to tie again...Wasted quite abit of time lor...Never mind, at least we have everything done though not in the best conditions.Oh yar and the camp is postponed to term 2 week one friday and saturday, got more time to plan and refine everything.

Two more weeks...Just two more weeks and we are able to rest for just one week...Yet, they have to call us back for remedial...Why must they deprived us of our rest?

Got flu again...Dun understand why nowadays so many people get sick easily...Haiz...Got headache somemore...But is there time to rest?No, there is no time for us to rest...On two days we have remedial till 6 and another day have cca till 6 too.The remaining two days is for homework...Of course there's still weekend but it is also used for homework as on some weekdays we are too tired to do anything but sleep...When can we breathe?They are adding stress on us lor...

But what can we do?

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