Juz some thoughts...

Sometimes i wonder, why does humans only exists on earth and not some other planets too?? Why are we born as humans and not an animal?? Why do humans speak and not animals??? Don't tell me that humans are much more smarter than animals...In fact, i think that some animals are smarter then us humans??
One more thing...Why do we have to study??To gain knowledge, invent more things that are highly advanced in technology?Or just study for the sake of it and ermm find a job, earn money, settle down with a family, retirement, enjoy life while waiting for it to end?? Actually, most of the inventions made by man might be beneficial to us humans but not the earth...There this global warming, air pollution, water pollution and many more...Don't people realised that the smarter they are, the faster earth is near destruction? Is like we are digging graves for the future generation...We might all be dead already, if the days really comes when the earth is destroyed by the hands of humans, who thought they are doing all that to improve life...
What exactly is the purpose of our existance???
Can anyone tell me??

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