Lol, it's been a few days since i last blogged. Been busy with school and writing my stories and hence no updates here.

Well, something funny happened last night during class and i decided to share it here.

It happened during MBSN yesterday. The lecturer were talking about something and then somehow talk about me and other classmate. Well, a male classmate.
Well, of course i tried to explain myself and i dun know what came to me and i just said out loudly," I am not straight!"

The class took a few seconds to digest what i have said and then bust out in laughter. Lol, i can't believe that i said that too. Olivia, who's sitting beside me actually ask me if i am really not straight and of course i replied saying that i am just joking, i am perfectly normal and straight.

Ok, i just want to clarify here that i am perfectly straight and i only like guys. However, i have nothing to do with the male classmate mentioned in class. We are just classmate, nothing else.

But who knows, maybe i am a bi...

HAHA, just joking!!!


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