Mushroom Pot Lunch!

Headed to lunch with G+ peeps last friday over at the Mushroom Pot for lunch buffet! XD I am not sure about you guys, but I am a mushroom lover! Hence, I was really excited for the meal! Mainly thinking about all the yummy mushrooms! XD


The five dishes shown above are mainly the starter (top left) which is the Wild Mushroom in Thai Sauce if I am not wrong. The rest are the house specials, from clockwise: House Special Beef, Crispy Squid with Wasabi Sauce, Monkey Head Mushroom in House Dressing and Fried Mushroom Veggie Roll.

Out of the five, I really like the Fried Mushroom Veggie Roll, the rest also agreed and we even ordered a second plate! XD


Then it's the main course! The Hot Pot! We are given 5 different kinds of wild mushrooms out of the 20 types available! Also, there's beef, chicken, pork and fish slices, different kind of vegetables, handmade meat/prawn/fish/squid balls and alot more selections! Along with 2 different kind of soup base! The wild mushroom soup and the spicy ma-la soup which I really liked! I liked spicy stuff! XD


What's a good meal without dessert! I had this Apple flavored gelato which tastes really refreshing! XD It's like white chocolate coating on the outside and the ice cream is inside covering a chocolate center. Yums!

That's everyone there at the lunch! XD

Had a really fulfilling lunch there! Would really consider to go back to the Mushroom Pot again for either lunch or dinner! XD I personally felt that the food is really good and most importantly, healthy! XD

Not forgetting the vegetarians, you can request for a vegetarian pot too! XD

Check out for more details on their menus and promotions! XD

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