Movie Review: Robin Hood

Thanks to, I had the chance to watch the movie, Robin Hood before it's official release.

This movie talks about the period of time before Robin Hood became an outlaw. It's like a prelude to his adventures as an outlaw who robbed the rich and aid the poor along with his merry men.

Robin Longstride was his name and he's the son of a visionary. He was an arch-man under the service of King Richard the Lion Heart in his Crusade in France. Robin fled with a couple of mates when the king died in battle. He happens to found the knights protecting the king's crown after an ambush and they took over their identity as knights and sent the crown back to England. He also received a sword from a dying knight with a last wish to send the sword back to his father. 

There's words engraved on the sword which ticks off Robin's memory of the past and he made a decision to fulfill the wish of the dead knight after returning the crown. King John, the brother of Richard took over the throne. 

Off to Nottingham with his mates where Robin met Marian, the widow of the dead knight and was attracted to her. He return the sword to Sir Walter, father of the dead knight and was told to stay and take over the place of his dead son by Sir Walter. In return, he will tell Robin about his roots. 


Before I go off typing out the whole story, I shall stop here. 

From where I stopped, the movie continues in telling the story of how Robin helped the poor villagers of Nottingham by becoming the men in 'hoods' and how he remembered his father. Followed by how he went to war against the France who was invading England with the help of a spy, whom was King John's childhood friend.

The scenes of the war near the end was remarkable! I adore the cinematography! It was really awesome. Although they were scenes of war, blood and violent, I really must say it was very very well done. The cinematography was really a joy to watch. 

To me, this movie is really well done. However, it's also a movie that not all will appreciate. Some might find the front part a tad draggy. But to those interested in the medieval times and legends of such like me, you will really enjoy this movie. 

To me, every minute of the whole 2 hours 20 over minutes was good. Not a minute was boring!

I rate this movie a 4.5 over 5! (There's always room for improvement! XD)

Robin Hood will be officially release in the theaters on the 13th of May.

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