Photoshoot at National Museum

About 1 month ago, I joined JingLong and Andy on a mini photo shoot trip. Our original plan was to head to the railway around Yew Tee area but it rained so we switched to Haji Lane which was also raining. LOL.

Then we remembered that the National Museum was quite a nice place too when we visited it for an event last time. Hence, we headed there for the shoot. XD

Alright, enough of the details. Here's my personal favorites from the shoot. XD

Deep Thoughts
~Deep Thoughts~

Last Look
~Last Look~


Thinking Hard
~Thinking Hard~

Photography by: JingLong/ Leon Gray
Editing by: Forest

What do you guys think about the photos? Not bad right! Haha~ Comments please. XD

3 Response to "Photoshoot at National Museum"

  1. TOLANIC says:

    Can take pictures inside the museum?

    Forest says:

    Tolanic: Yup, but not of the exhibits la. XD

    Jorimu says:

    Nice shoot! Good editing! I like the photo! :D

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