Spice Brasserie @ Park Royal Hotel

Went for a food tasting sessions over at Spice Brasserie @Park Royal hotel with fellow Nuffnang bloggers!

We went for their Tuesday special Thai buffet! It's available for both lunch and dinner on Tuesday only! The promotion is till end of May and they will then change their menu to something different!

For the current promotion, they are having Thai buffet on Tuesdays, Japanese buffet on Thursdays, Barbecue buffet on Friday's dinner, Saturdays and Sunday's lunch. Other days is standard international buffet. XD

Going to start bombing you guys with food photos. I won't be stating the name of the dishes as you might not find the same dish as they changes their food menu regularly so that customers will not be eating the same food over and over again!

 Even though it's Thai buffet, there are quite a variety of international food items available too! There's a whole side dedicated to the Thai food while the other side is the international food items. Same for the desserts! XD
This is a very good mixture, as customers get to try different food items in one buffet! XD

I must say the Thai food is really nice. The taste for some are very unique and I love the spiciness of some of the food items. The green curry that they served is really fragrant and yummy! It's really worth the try if you want to try Thai food. For a reasonable price, you can to try out a wide variety of Thai food! And Thai desserts too!

Chef Jeeranan, she's the chef that's in charge of the Thai food and all the Thai food are done by her! I must say I really do like her cooking!

She was actually telling us about the flower shaped dumpling which we all are interested in as it's really pretty and taste good! The filling is savory while the skin has a sweet after taste. Oh and it's really chewy, like eating a mochi!

I'm satisfied with all the yummy food. I must say that the food that Spice Brasserie offers is really value for money!

Here's some info for your reference:

Lunch Timings are from 12pm to 3pm on weekdays and 12pm to 4pm on weekends.


Monday - 
Lunch: $27++ Dinner: $31++

Tuesday - THAI
Lunch: $32++ Dinner: $37++

Wednesday - 
Lunch: $27++ Dinner: $31++

Thursday - JAPANESE
Lunch: $32++ Dinner: $37++

Friday - BBQ(Dinner only)
Lunch: $27++ Dinner: $40++

Saturday - BBQ
Lunch: $35++ Dinner: $40++

Sunday - BBQ(Lunch only)
Lunch: $35++ Dinner: $33++

- All photos are taken and edited by Camera+ App on the iPhone.

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