Twleve days din blog le... Quite eventful days especially three of them...

9 sep to 11 sep: ATC at Pula Ubin
Sec 3 Atc, dun really look forward to it at first but for the sake of the badge, i bravely faced the camp(hahax).The first day of the camp wasn't that exciting but the second day is enjoyable and excting...Done ATF which is high elements and supposingly the next activity is kayaking but count on our luck.The weather was bad and we are not alllowed to go into the sea.Instead, we ended up washing kayaks.
The campfire is quite fun this year, combined with the sec2s.Really, the sec2s do have more creativity then us sec3s.During the last day, we are all happy as we are going home soon and on the way home, we cheered loudly all the way from the campsite to the jetty.
It was a camp worth remembering and i think i'll never be able to forget it.

After the camp, school reopen... As it was term 4 and finals is like in 2 weeks time, we had remedials for most of the subjects...It was like so tiring lor... But to do?You can't expect me to hand in blank papers during the exams ma...Never mind, juz have to wait till 12 october is over and i'll will be free!!

Tomorrow have this np competition at chung cheng high yishun... Knowing the abilities if my squad mates, we have a low percentage of winning and a high percentage of losing.However, we will not be the last, the most is somewhere in the middle...

Okie, blog till here today... tired le, going to sleep soon...

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