Feeling damn bored now, so decided to come up and blog about something that I read from the newspaper these two days...
The newspaper reported that lots of teenage girls is going on diet that is too over that lead them to a kind of illness which I don't know how to say in English but it is an illness where they will losses their appetite and will vomit out what they ate, they hate the sight of food especially fattening food and they also hate people who force them to eat.
These people even blog on ways to slim down, their plans of slimming down and they also encourage others to join them in the slimming down 'trend'.They even compete on who slimed down the most or fastest I think is all because they have this wrong concept of being slim means you are beautiful.
In my opinion, being healthy is the first step to beauty.Slimming down is not wrong but you must slim down in a healthy manner, or else you'll be the one who suffer. I also don't see what wrong in being plump or fat in other words. I myself is one plump person and is near to being overweight but i don't really mind, cause even though i am fat, i am tall at the same time.Actually heaven is fair, when you are given one bad point, you are given a good point at the same time too.

Of course i wanted to slim down too, i tried for a few times but i gave up.The methods i tried is too eat less and exercise more.You see, i am one lazy person and i don't exercise unless during PE lessons and trainings and maybe sometimes when i am too bored and have nothing to do. Another thing is that i love to eat, i tried to eat just 2 meals instead of 3 but i will always just stuff myself with snacks.Eventually, i gave up on slimming down and just let things take it's natural course.Who knows?Maybe i will just slim down one day in a healthy manner. :)

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