happy bout cards

So happy today!!Bought 3 danson cards today!!Hahax!!Now dun need to be envy of BY le...Her turn to be envy of me.Also bought quite a few Wu Chun de...Too bad the posters no stock or else i sure buy de...

If nothing go wrong...I should be going out with BY and SB this sat...We shall go card searching...Hahax!!Cause now comics connection got offer for march...One card only twenty cents instead of the usual eighty cents!!Very cheap!!
But today i buy de is about fourty cents each and not laminated...Buy from city square in jb de...But never mind...Still cheaper then the usual price of the cards comics connection sell.

The previous two days i went to help out in the restaurant my bro works...Earned 48 dollars...:)Yeah!!Can contribute to my savings le...Then can also spare some to buy more cards...Hahax!!But must save up...Cause i spent too much during the past two months...


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