sat 17 march

Went out with BY today to J8...Actually should be meeting up with HL and Sb too de but they end up not free...SB is she need to go to hand in a form to the singapore youth flying club...HL actually can come meet us de but end up cannot...Haiz...Sad, cause the four of us very long never meet up le...

Went to the newly opened arcade at J8...Then BY was wearing the NYJC orientation tee shirt and was told by the staff then like that can't enter the arcade.So she went toilet to wear her shirt inside out instead... We played the hotshot machine and the percussion master and car racing...Then lastly we to play a shooting game, then at the end of it can see our compatibility...Then ours is 82%.Hahax!!!

Went to comics connection to look for cards...But din manage to find any one that we want...Which is fahrenheit and danson cards...Ended up we bought a card holder each to keep our card collection. :D Hahax!!!

After that we went bishan library to read magazines...And again we are reading fahrenheit and danson related articles...Hahax!!!

Oh yar, i recently made another blog at wretch where most taiwanese artises have their blogs... Go and visit is sometimes too!!I will set up the link under my links!!

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