2008 so far...

Well, this is my first post of the year in this blog.

So how's 2008 so far?

Well, not so bad...

I had fun helping out at the DMSM booth during open house. It was quite an experience. It's kind of stressful working with the seniors though. We don't really have much experience compared to them and we are afraid that we did not do a good job. Luckily, it went quite well. But i have to forget to record.

I am really a muddle head. No, it's my SSTM's fault. For your information SSTM stands for Super Short Term Memory. It's not any normal short term memory i tell you. It's very serious. I can say something now and forget what i said the next second. Maybe i should say that it's SSSTM instead which stands for Selective Super Short Term Memory. Simply because there are only certain things that i can remember and certain things that i forget. LOL. I don't really understand myself now. HAHA!!!

Well, it's really been very busy during these few weeks and we are getting busier each day. Projects, Tests, ICAs, Exams are all coming. There are so many deadlines to meet. There's still filming next week. I mean filming is fun but not when we have time constraints and so many other limitations and also for the fact that it's an ICA. We really have to do well for this filming ICA so as to pull up the grades. I did not really do quite well for Storyboarding so i don't really have high hopes. I just want a B for this module. I did not get any As last semester and i really would love one. Well, i don't have high hopes for the ICAs based modules though, so i guess i have to work hard for those examinable modules. My hopes are quite high for PSM and surprisingly Media Finance. So far, the grades that i got for the ICA 1 of these two modules are not bad. I am going to study real hard this weekend for the tests of these two modules next week and not forgetting the exams. Hopefully, i will be able to get two As this semester.

Well, there's still so many things to do. I just remembered that i have to do a prop for the filming and i have not started yet. Luckily it's quite easy to make... Shall do it on friday night.

Oh yar, Photoshop ICA tomorrow. Hope that i don't screwed up like the time i did for the InDesign ICA.

Ok, I shall end here.

Thanks for reading about my boring life.

~If there's a choice, i would chose a busy life over a boring life. Leave out the stress though.LOL~

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