Been playing cards during break time these days.
It like the new trend these days la.
We can see people playing cards everywhere.
And of course, i become a card player too. Hahax!
But then we just play for fun la.
We don't gamble.
Only for leisure.
I learned two new card games too.
One of them is race and then daidee.
I am quite late in learning daidee though.
Almost everyone around me know how to play.LOL.
Race is fun. It's a very exciting game.
You have to be the fastest to get the combo to win.
Once, i won three times in a row.Hahax!
I am addicted to race la.
It's seriously fun.

Haha, this is a boring post huh.
Is just all about playing cards...
No choice, i have a boring life.
I am trying to lead a more meaningful life starting 2008.

~If i were to chose between a busy or bored life.I rather the busy life but leave out the stress.XD~

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