Back from work

So the IT show has ended.
Been working for like 10 hours everyday for these four days.
Leg pain, shoulder pain, back pain.
It's been a while since i have to stand for long hours, that's why everywhere also pain. Hahax!!!
My fellow collegue there are very friendly. Some are quite humorous too. LOL
Sold twenty over sets over these four days.
Not bad la, since i am like first time working in IT show. Hahax!!
Actually, i felt like going shopping.
The booth beside us, the A1 computer station is selling 4GB thumbdrive for only $28!!!!! It's like so frigging cheap la!
I also want to get a external hard drive...
Check out prices of camcorders...
Sadly, i am there to work not shop...
Never, at least i work i earn money. Hehex!
If i shop, i spend money.
So thinking back, it's good that i don't get to shop as i knew very well i will splurge as the things there are very cheap. LOL!!
Okie, shall post till here today.

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