Going down memory lane...

Suddenly felt like dedicating a post to my past memories. LOL.

And this is the 150th post of my blog although it's not accurate as I have deleted alot of non-important posts of the past. Hahax!

This photo is taken during NPCC Taiwan trip in 2005. We were in a countryside area named pingsi and i remembered that we took this photo before we went to play those sparklers. Oh yar, it's also taken outside a local police post. And there's a very cute little policemen statue near the door of the police post.Hehe.

This is taken during Racial Harmony 2006 by Mr Lim. Hehe, my sec 1&3 maths teacher. A very nice teacher. And that's me at the very left, Sarah in her kendo suit in the center and Sortie and the right. And i knew that this very photo is placed outside the corridor near the cca rooms. LOL.

This is taken after campcraft competition 2006. Of course it's the girls team. Haha, although we din win or anything but we raised the flag!!! The boys did not. LOL. And that guy in the photo, is Ashari who's so extra to join in the girls for photo taking. Hahax.

This is taken after POP 2006 with my juniors. They are the sec2 girls squad, a bunch of very nice girls. I am the second one from the right in the first row. The one on my left is BY, my fellow squadmate. The juniors gave each of us a very special card which i still kept now.


First photo is taken on the last day of school while the other is taken during sports day. My class for two years, loads of memories. Even though the class is kind of split up in different cliques. But then, whenever there are sch events, my class is still very united. XD

This is taken during my graduation night. And with me, is dear SB who is very pretty that night, unlike me. Hahax, my face is too big liao. :P

These two photos are taken during Kbox sessions with my dear friends. First one is with Evon and we both nearly freeze to death that day. Hahax. Cause the both of us are wearing tanks tops and we don't have any jackets with us as we thought that it won't be that cold... But who knows...

The second is taken with BY. My Kbox khaki, LOL. I only go Kbox with certain people, cause i shy LOL, only sing in front of close friends.Hehe.

This is taken during lecture with dear ana with ida in the background.
Actually wanted to post more photos of MS0702, but then i realised that most of the pictures are on my bro's desktop which just broke down like yesterday. Forget to transfer to my laptop... Hence, alot of photos gone.
Well, this is all. I only started taking photos like in secondary sch so only a few photos to post. Hahax. Somemore, as i mentioned i lost alot of photos as i forget to transfer the files to my laptop... Haiz...
Well, i just walked down a certain part of my memory lane.
Maybe a few years later, i will walk the lane again.XD

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