Leap year

So today is febuary 29th.
Which only happens once in four years.
It's indeed a special day but in actual fact this day is kind off make-up.
In fact, every year consists of 365 and a quarter day.
Hence to make things easy, they just add that quarter together every four years and hence the existence of febuary 29th.

Well, went out with SB and BY today. Went to Novena and just hang out. Seem like JC life is really quite boring from what i hear from the two of them. Hahax! Luckily i went to poly instead.

You know, it's really nice hanging out with a few close friends. You can just find a really nice place and then sit there for the whole day to just talk about everything under the sun. It's really a nice feeling. XD

Haha, shall blog till here today.

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