Exams are finally over!!! YAY!!!

Exams are officially over yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it's the holidays now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, overall, i think that i done quite ok for the exams except for MFM and PSM....
I actually did not manage to finish MFM because of the lack of time...I knew how to do that question but then i spent too much on calculations then left no time to do theory... *Bang wall*
PSM i think is quite difficult though, but luckily the questions are set in a way that you still be able to crap your way through and score some marks.
For MBSN and PMM, i think i did quite ok...The questions are quite straight forward except in PMM.But still, i still guess right that PR came out.Haha!!!

Don't talk about exams le!!! It's all over!!!!!
I shall enjoy the holidays!!!!!

One more thing, congratulations to singapore for being able to host the youth olympics in 2010!!!

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