Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Well, firstly, a very happy valentine's to everyone out there wheter you are attached or not.

I still remembered the valentine's day in anderson. It's also know as friendship day for those singles. We will go around giving chocolates to friends and some lucky ones will get roses by whoever. I remembered that i received a flower last valentine's but not from a guy. LOL. It's from one of my female classmate who's so sweet to give me the flower. I was giving out m&m's and rocher that day. It's like so hetic, ppl were running from classroom to classroom to give gifts.

Ah, those nice memories...

Who said that you must have a bf to celebrate valentine's? You can always have loads of funs with your friends too!!!

Haiz, it's already thursday and i am supposed to be mugging for exams next week... But then, i have not started yet... Can you believe this!!!
But then, this is the way i am like... I cannot study too early before a test or exams cause i will forget what i studied very quickly... I will only remember if it's fresh in my mind... Like maybe two days before or maybe even one day before. Blame it on my short term memory... Nah, actually i just don't have the urge to study early before the exams... I am those kind of last minute person but then most importantly, i still acheived results and get things done.

Shall end here...

I should start revising tmr... Only three days left...

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