In Memoirs of Ah Meng...

(Ah Meng with her granddaughter chomel)

I just knew that Ah Meng died from the newspaper today...

My first reaction was how did she died?

The answer is that she died of old age.

She had lived for 48 years and it equals to 95 years of human age.

That's really long...

Ah Meng has been living in singapore zoo for a long time and i believed that she brought alot of joy and memories to everyone.

I believed that most singaporeans has seen Ah Meng at least once.

I still remembered the times when i went to the zoo during school field trips. I will always try to look for Ah Meng out of the many Orang Utans in the zoo. Of course, even though Orang Utans look alike, it's always easy to spot Ah Meng. She's special.

I think that she's the first animal which i saw in my life who can smile. She's really very special.

It's so sad that she's gone...

But Ah Meng will always live on in our hearts.

No one can replace such a beatiful and smart creature.

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