Belated post on my birthday XD

Ok, as i said in my previous post. I will post about my birthday once i upload the photos and i finally uploaded them. Hehe.
Not a really image heavy post as i lazy to upload them one by one on blogger so i photoshop alot of photos into one image. LOL!! Lazy me...HAHA!!!!

Ok, on the 26th April, three days before my actual birthday, i invited six of my close friends from secondary school days to my house for steamboat. Sadly, i was too busy eating that i forgot to take any photos of the steamboat. LOL!!! We had fun eating the steamboat and chatting, catching up on each other lives. Then due to the fact that Von and SB were late, the rest of us played a card game named STRESSED while they eat.

Let me tell you STRESSED is a very fun game!!! I loved it the moment i played it!! HAHAX!!!

Then it's time for the cake!!!

My dear friends sang me the birthday song and we proceed to cutting the cake. While cutting the cake, the cream got stuck on the knife. Hence i ask Von to get a spoon from the kitchen to removed the cream. While waiting, HL decided to take the cream and smeared it on my face. And of course i took revenge!!! Everyone ran away while the cream fight broke out. But then everyone except for Von all got cream on their face!!! HAHA!!! It's really fun la!!! The best birthday i ever had!!! Then we eat the cake, it's black forest from secret recipe. YUMMY!!!!

After eating the cake, we watched movie, a school horror one and we ended up telling ghost stories. LOL!!!

Overall that day was really fun!!!

Here are the pictures for that day.

Ok, now about what happend on my actual birthday 29th April. XD

Met Ana, Syaq, Jay and Wendy at Bugis.

We walked around for a while and went to take neoprints. The process of taking neoprints is fun. Is like we din noe that we have to take separately and end up there alot of us in one picture. So funny la. HAHA!!! Love the outcome though. Then we decided to go to Harbour Front for desserts at delifrance. The desserts were HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were really good la!!! Love it!!!!

Here's a pictue of what we eaten that day. Super YUMMY!!!!

And thanks Jay for the treat of such yummy desserts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that we shopped around and we ended up trying clothes at this one store. I tried on a cute dress but then it was too tight around the bust area...

So sad... Haiz... Nvm...

Then we proceed to the sky garden at Vivo City. Izzit called sky garden?? I don't think so...HAHA!! But it's the place where we can play water. HEHE!!!

Me, Wendy and Syaq went into the water and camwhore. Jay din went into the water as she's wearing leggings.

Still we ended up having fun producing handprints and footprints on the wooden planked floor. XD

After that, we went to shop at Daiso. Spent quite some time over there. Hehex!!! There's just so much things over at Daiso.

Overall, i had a superb time!!! Thanks gals!!!!

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