PE Day!

Had a soccer/football session today after class.

It's a game between the guys and the girls.

Dear safith is nice to come and help us out.

Oh and sean who helped us in the second half of the game!

And most importantly, the girl's team won!!!

Yay!!! We kind of crashed the guys with the help of guys!


But we are not bad either, we girls scored three goals ourselves out of the five.

And i scored one of them!!! Hehe!!!

It's really been a long time since i exercised, and it's really a good way to sweat by playing soccer. haha!

And wednesday is now the official MS0702 PE day!!

Oh yar, safith actually took of his shirt for a few minutes today.

I was like stunned when i saw him without the shirt and lost the ball.

Can't help it when you suddenly see someone half naked out of the sudden.

And syaq got to hug him without his shirt.

Oh, and syaq nearly rip off sean's shirt.

So funny la!!!

After the soccer game, some left and the rest of us went to play basketball for a while.

And i must say, MJ is really a pro in basketball. Not bad eh.

Then we went to have lunch and then head home...

And i realised that i am tanned and sunburnt at the shoulders!!!


My face also got tanned...

And the leg is not as tanned as the arms...

I wonder how...

Next time must bring sunblock along.

Luckily, i am that kind of person who will revert back to being fair after being tanned for some time. XP

Ok, shall end here today...

Haiz, got JW ICA2 tomorrow...

So suddenly...

Hope it will go well...

Cause i din do as well as i expected...

I freaking screwed up my lead...



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