Ok, i shall finally start blogging "The Scandal" after like i said i will for dunno how long.

I believed this is quite a long awaited post and maybe not. :P

First i shall start by introducing the characters involved in this scandal.

There are mainly two girls and two guys...

Maybe you will think that it's a typical relationship where there's this couple, and there's another guy/girl like the girl/guy in the couple.

If you think like that, you are totally wrong...

In this scandal, the couple is ermm, the two guys...

Not that surprising in the society nowadays la...

The two girls involved in this scandal is totally horrified by this fact as they think that one of the guy is cute and they kind of had a crush on him.

Ok, i think i talk too much le. I shall start with pictures now. XD

Ok, here are the four main characters involved in the scandal. The guy on the left can be said as the main character out of the four. He had a mystic relationship with the guy on the right with the bagpack. The two girls below are as mentioned above they are known as S1 and S2 respectively. The main guy shall be known as Shane while the guy with the bagpack is known as YM.

Ok, now more pictures.

What is the two of them talking about that Shane has the smirk on his face.
Don't you people feel kind of uncomfortable after seeing this picture. I had my doubts when taking this picture.

I guess someone's really jealous. Look at those hands separating the 'sweet couple'. LOL
Guess whose hands are those??
Yes! You got it right!
Those hands belongs to S1. XD
She's really jealous over the two.

But then she had her share too.

What a playboy...

Haha, just joking!
I swear that he's faithful to YM.
(OS: I am not that sure actually.)

Not forgetting S2, she's more lucky then S1 in someway or another.

Look at the happy faces.

But one thing to note, i think S2 is just trying to make S1 jealous by taking these pictures with Shane as she actually taken XD

Oh well, i am going to end it off soon...
I don't really have any more pictures...
Not easy taking these pictures in the first place.
BTW, these pictures you see are copyrighted!!
Please do not take it off just like that.
I go through great pains to take these pictures.
(OS: Like real, you had loads of fun taking these pictures.[ -_-"])

Ok, here's a bonus picture that will make S1 happy.

Here you go:

Ok, that's all for the day.

Look forward to more juicy news about 'THE SCANDAL'!!!


no, not gossip girl but the

' i have nothing better to do girl'


Yes, go ahead and laugh, i can predict you readers laughing off your heads now. XD

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