After a long frustrating wait...
I finally know my posting for IPP!

And i like where i am posted to. XD
Cause it's my first choice, TV production.
And due to the fact that during the briefing, it's states in the slides that no blogging about the company or whatsoever. I am not going to tell where i am posted to here on my blog. Ask me personally if you want to know. LOL~

Well, regardless, i believe i am able to still blog about my experience there as long as it's positive and making very very sure that no names are mentioned. LOL~
Plus, i believe nothing bad will happen as long as i do my best right?

At the very least, i am not going to be alone. Another classmate is also posted to the same company as i am.

Well, we also have a logbook to write in for lecturer's assessment purpose. It's a weekly entry on what we have done per week. And also, a report at the very end of IPP which is worth 20%.

For sure, i will ensure that i do my best during my attachment, i badly want an A grade.
Due to the fact that my mum has been talking about possibility of me going to uni if i got good grades... Which in the past, they have been talking that i shall be finding a job straight after poly, regardless of grades. But i think due to my improvements last sem, my mum is actually considering letting me go uni if i am able to make it. Well be it even if i have to borrow from the banks or anything to pay for the fees...
Yes, it's the stupid fees... Why must uni fees be so ex...
Education should be free!!

Oh well... Who knows what will happen. I would love the chance of being able to go. Definitely


Oh and another thing... There is no direct transport which i can take to my workplace.........................
I will have to take train to amk then change to bus...
Haiz, imagine the fares....

Nevertheless, i am feeling good about the attachment.
Hopefully, a fulfilling 21 weeks await me. XD

Shall end here~

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