Start of Internship~~

I knew i said that i will blog about my first 2 days yesterday...
But i had to go to my aunt's house warming and there's the star awards today. Hence, i delayed it until now.

I have quite enjoyed my first 2 days of work. Nice colleagues, nice place.
First day, already out for casting. It's quite fun but tiring at the same time.
Next day was mostly spend on a long brainstorming session which i enjoyed alot. It lasted about 5 hours which of course includes lunch. LOL~
After that, it was mostly doing some research and all.

Like ok, not much really happened. But, hey it's only 2 days. There's one thing i am sure, i won't be really staying in the office but instead might be going out of the office quite often. Which i am quite glad of, i am never the kind of office type of girl. LOL~~

Ok, i will be ending here. Cos i have to rush off and write audition scripts that is to be handed in tmr. LOL~


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