A monthly column???

Hey everyone,
I have decided to make a change for my blog.

Not a really big change, well maybe an addition would be a wiser word to use.

I decided to have a monthly column thing on my blog. Where i will specifically talk about an issue or topic for the month. I am thinking of posting the column at every end of month. I will either come up with a few topics and let you readers chose what you want me to write on, or open up to topics suggested by you readers.

It will be something like reader's choice. You get to chose what topic you want to read on. Of course, everyone will be able to discuss about the topic by commenting and i will be sure to reply.

If this gets popular, i might consider to do it twice a month instead.
I have already thought of a topic for this month. Hopefully, you all will find it interesting. I want topics that are not the norm, small topics like this could be interesting too, i believe.

After the post is out, do give me your honest opinions on what i wrote. I would also like to know if you prefer to suggests topics to me or let me come up with a few and you guys chose.

Another important thing is that, i need a name for my column. LOL~
Any ideas?? XD

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