No one is perfect...

I am not perfect, neither am i a perfectionist.

I am aware that my grammar sucks, and need no reminders.

But tell me, what is life if there are no flaws?

There will be nothing to learn from.

Why do we study history?

It is to learn from past mistakes.

Not to follow the footsteps of the past.

If there were no world wars for us to look back and learn.

There will not be peace in the world, instead there will be war all around.

The language that i have used in my blog might not be the best, nor it is up to the normal standards of good English. I have never said it is. But it does not mean that i am not capable of writing good English in other situations.

If blogging requires me to write in perfect, standard good English. I won't blog at all. It will be too demanding. I blog because i can be free in whatever i type. Also, I believe a blog should be conversational to relate to others. It's not that i am promoting 'singlish' or anything. But then, who will speak standard English with friends and family in this country.

Standard English is not something to be used everyday in my opinion. I used it when there's a presentation or when i am speaking to a foreigner or when i am in for an interview or anything formal.

My blog is nowhere near formal, hence i chose not to use standard English in here.

Tell me, who uses perfect English in their blogs nowadays?

Another thing to note, never infer one's language capabilities from something informal like an everyday life blog.

Thank You.

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