Mini Update

I know i have not been blogging for quite sometime already. Contest entries and reviews don't count...

But i am getting lazy...
I have an overdue SRF post which i don't think i am going to blog about it anymore... Anyways, alot others have already done the coverage, so mine would be much the same too. Plus i went late, so lesser things. LOL~

Photoshoot post also... But it's ok la~ You can refer to Mel's and Fyn's blog for the photoshoot~~ Just that you won't be able to see mine pictures. But you can hop on to facebook to see them.

Oh yar, went down to Bedok to have a mini dinner gathering with some of the bloggers. Yingzi and friend, Hong Peng, Weijie, JiaQi, Nath, Joyce Stella. After dinner, JiaQi,Nath, Yingzi, Weijie and me went lan shop play L4D. My first time playing!! :P I think not bad, but then the bad things is that i keep shooting my teammates. :P Haha~~

Let's find one day we go play from morning onwards!! XD

Next big event coming up would be the mass b'dae celebration of Hong Peng, Weijie, JiaQi and Mel~~ I should be blogging about that. Haha~~

Anyways, today's Hong Peng b'dae~~

Happy 19th!!

There are still 67 days left before the end of my internship... Please do let these 67 days be over soon.... I can't wait to leave the company and go back to school. *Prays*

Anyway, i don't know if any of you notice.. I did not post up anything for my column in June.. Cause work's is really busy. But there will be one for July~~ Haha~~

Ok, this does not look like a mini update at all. :P


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