I actually faced the problem of a messed up new post page at blogger with some fellow bloggers like HP and YZ~ In the end, it all traced back to Singnet server. Haiz, why so many problems with singnet...

Anyways, HP found someone who post the solution and viola, blogger is back to normal but only on IE... >.<>It's an instant camera!! Fujifilm Mini Instax 7s~ In blue since pink is OOS but the blue one is nice too~ I can always dress it up in the near future...

Wanted to get a polariod camera in the first place, but the films are very rare and expensive these days... After much considerations, the mini instax looks like a wiser choice. XD It prints credit card sized photos so can put in wallet~~ XD Hehe~~ Can start with my pictures album with this baby le~~

I will not neglect my digital camera at all~ Since both are very different cameras~~ XD

Ok, that's about it for my small update~~

Back to work now~~


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