Alice In Wonderland Gala Premiere

Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to go to the Gala Premiere of Alice In Wonderland on tuesday at shaw lido.

Group Photo of all bloggers~ XD

We became the center of attraction when taking photos with the mascots. You can't imagine the amount of cameras/video cameras in front of us. Haha~ Actually not alot la. :P

Another one!

And another one~

In front of the movie poster. 

With Dawn and her friend, Hp and Jian Hao~ XD

With Hp.

With my fav characters! XD

My take on the Movie:

Actually, I am more familiar with the story of Alice Through the Looking Glass rather then Alice in Wonderland. So I am do not really know how the actual story goes. Hence, the movie did have alot of surprises for me. 

The graphics are great! I mean the whole movie was filmed in Green Screen!! None of the settings in "wonderland" were real. I think the beginning part is the only part that is not in green screen. The acting of the actors were great! I mean, it's not easy talking to air right? All the frogs, mouse, rabbits, cats do not exists in the set. LOL. 

Basically, the movie is great. It's exciting and there's a good mix of humor. 

I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. I think the 3D version would worth another 0.5 rating.

Photos Credits to: Hong Peng and Raine.

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