My thoughts on Fire of Conscience

Thanks to OMY.SG, I got a chance to watch the movie Fire Of Conscence, 火龍 yesterday before it was premiered.

Both Leon Lai and Richie Ren starred in the movie as police officers. So who's the good guy and who's the bad?


In the movie, he mentioned that he became a police because he can't tolerate the bad guys out there. But he ain't actually a very good police either. The way he treat those criminals, is absolutely violent. Maybe he wasn't like that before his wife was killed.

Similar to Leon Lai's character, he became a police for the same reason. But after becoming one, he realized that the real baddies are the higher ups. He's equally ruthless as compared to Leon's character too. He was an officer with good career prospect but his chance was denied by the higher ups just because his partner (acted by Vivian Hsu) does not have a clean background.

In fact, both were actually good policemen. But due to reasons, both choose the wrong path.
One went way too far to be able to wake up and turn back, and the other was lucky enough to have the chance to turn back.

I would say that this movie plays around with the human mind. What's the reason behind those crimes? Greed? Or that fact that one has no choice?


I would say that this movie is worth to catch. This is not your usual action police and thief film.It is a show that actually shows the reality.

You can watch the trailer at the movie's official site.

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