New Layout plus mini update

Hey all!

I am sure you guys noticed I have changed my layout! XD

I love my previous layout but what's missing was that personal touch. Been wanting to change it but was lazy and my head goes dizzy whenever I look at those codes.

So I tweeted about it and Jorimu/Jocelyn offered to help me with a new layout.

And ta-dah~

A brand new look for my beloved blog! XD

But it's not hundred percent done yet, I'm thinking to change the background but haven had any inspiration yet. But recently had an inspiration from the art gallery next to my workplace. The artist wrote the name of the theme all over the wall as a background for his art pieces. At first I thought it was like nothing much, but when it's all done up, it looks quite good and yet so simple!

But being the lazy me, I haven found the time to open up photoshop to create a background from scratch. So there will be sometime before I decided not to be lazy and go create the new background. XD

Am also sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy working every night except for wed and sun to earn $$ for a new camera and a macbook pro. Who knows, maybe the next update will be on my new camera! XD

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