Olympus Pen Roadshow

Went down to the Olympus Pen Roadshow a few Saturdays ago along with Claire to check out the camera and also give our support to Valerie who's involved in the Olympus Video Blogging contest.


Here's a photo of me taken with my own camera, added filter using editing software. 

All these steps you can skip if you have an Olympus Pen. It has art filters, E-portrait which auto remove the blemishes and smooth out your complexion. I was totally wow-ed by all these function when Valerie showed it to both Claire and me on her EP1.


Look at these vintage looking cameras in their pretty leather casing sold separately. 


Here's the showcase of Valerie's Video entry. XD


And this is while Valerie is explaining the features of the camera to a potential customer. XD


This is the EPL1 with the built in flash. It looks awesome in that black leather casing with red thread outline. 

The Olympus Pen series is quite awesome. Photos quality are quite great, comparable to DSLR standards depending on the user. :P Do note that the PEN is not a DSLR but instead is a Micro Four Third, which is a different system from the DSLR. It does not have the mirror which the DSLR has and hence is a lot smaller in size. The lack of mirror also means that it does not have a viewfinder. For the PEN, you could buy an external Electronic Viewfinder if you really need one. XD 

If you're wondering why I know so much, cause I have been doing research on Micro 4/3 systems as I'm thinking to upgrade to one.

Check out http://myolympuspen.com.sg/ and vote for your favorite blogger! XD My choice is Valerie, so if you could, vote for her too! XD

6 Response to "Olympus Pen Roadshow"

  1. calvinn says:

    Nice review!

    Dropping here..Very nice friend..My special for u.. Check it Out!

    Yay! Go Valerie!

    It looks old style camera, but what made me surprised abot the camera is why the price is almost the same as DSLR in 2 or 3 digit for CANON.

    But, anyway each brand has its benefit.
    Thanks for posting the review joyce, nice song !

    Best Regards,
    Troy Richardo Mulyono

    Forest says:

    Troy Richardo Mulyono:

    Hi there! This camera does have a vintage feel to it, the price is similar to DSLR as it's a Micro 4/3 system which is comparable to DSLR, XD

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    dweam says:

    Awwww thanks for your support babe! Thanks for coming down too :)

    <3 <3

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