Came back from the camp today.Quite tired cause lack of sleep.Actually not lack of sleep la just did not sleep well.The camp quite fun and it is really a leisure camp to me.I think i enjoyed the nature walk and the abseiling the most la.It's also very lucky that we have dorms to sleep in though is sleep on the floor.Then almost everyone got sleeping bag to sleep in and i don't have one.So it's very cold during the night for me. But i think its very good le la got a roof over my head.Cause i am used to sleeping on floors during camps le.
*Sigh*Tomorrow must go school early in the morning, don't really feel like going to school.Still got NP training somemore.I just have this uneasy feeling for this year.Somehow i feel that i am not going to have a good time this year.
Now my idoit brother is nagging and nagging me to give him use the com.He is using a fake axe those got air inside one to hit me.24 years old already still so childish.Haiz...Never mind since that i am used to it le...This is one of the advantages to have 3 brothers.You don't like this one still got another two.Lucliky This idoit 2nd brother of mine is quite nice though he's quite lame.Better than my eldest and third brother.
Well thats all for today.Must return the computer to my 2nd brother, cause the computer he buy one so he want to use cannot say no...
So, Joyce is signing off now......

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