The training for the NP parade is very tiring.Reached home at nine today,so late lor.However, go for the training can learn lots of new things la.That Jufri is totally lame today lor, OMG, he made us laugh like mad when we are on our way to the MRT.It is like he stopped there suddenly when he said he is walking the other way and me HL and Ash is like standing there and wondering why he stop there.Then i go and ask him and he pointed to me the signpost that has the word STOP on it.It's like... dunno how to say la.ANyway i just laughed like mad lor.
Yar, i saw that sgs guy at the training.Never thought that he will go lor and that hougang one.Well, its like one is so cute and the latter is so cool lor.I thought that i will only see them again at sec3 ATC.First saw them at sec2 ATC last year and the sgs guy is in my group and the hougang one is in HL's group.Then,saw them again at the SANA course and now see them at the training for the parade.Is like will see them every week for three months until the actual parade.
Ok, thats all today le.

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