I am going for the NPCC day parade.Which means that i will miss the trainings in school and go to the police academy to train for the parade instead.Going to miss about 13 trainings i think.Then also got CCA points.Hehe.I think i am lucky to be able to go as this is a once in a life time chance.There will not be any other chances for me to take part in the parade if i miss this chance.So, i decided to go though my drills are not very good.I like marching very much too although i don't really like static drills.Anyway, i am going for the parade.
Friday got two tests.Maths and geography.Think will surely do badly for one of them.Should be geography that i will do badly in as i don't really know that well on Foldings and Faultings.Yar, this friday first training for the parade, hope it will not be too tiring.
Ok, thats all today.

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