First post of the year 2006!!! A crucial year for people who are taking 'o' levels this year. I just have to remind myself that 'o' levels is coming soon, so i will put my heart and soul into studying.
I realised that i had this layout for ages, but who cares, i love this layout and so far i can't find another one to replace this, so peeps, you will have to bear with the same old stuff though it a new year, a new beginning but certains things still remained the same no matter how many years passed, don' you guys agree?
Well, today was the second day of school, and the first official day for lessons.First thing in the morning, got to know some bad news but well since you have to go on with life no matter what why not just look on to the bright side?So who cares if i got demoted from Band 3a to 3b, anyway it's just a few marks difference though that few marks make a big difference.At least my eng teacher is not the current band 3a teacher, not saying the she not a good teacher, she is a good one but experience tells me that she's one boring teacher.Anyways, i knew ages ago that i am weak in the english language and yet my dream is to be an author, now how ironic is that?

Got quite good maths and chem teacher and chinese remains the same.History, mr yong as usual, ss, quite a good teacher too.Geog, got a teacher famous for producing A1s, hope that apply to me too.Now, guess who teaching my class for physics???*Drumrolls*My class is so damn lucky to have the DM to teach us physics this year.I can imagine the guys getting caught for not being properly attired, missing nametags, hair and all kind of stuff every physics lesson now.Guess how fun is that?Hahax...

Currently, sitting at the second row, right in front of the board, so should be able to concentrate more on my work right, of course i make sure i do that...Let's see it's like 9 to 10 months to 'o' levels... That is not much you know, so i dun really have time for fun this year, except once in a while...You see, it's not easy to have a break even if it's just a short nap this year.Trust me.

Well, till next time...

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