Had my dental today...You know the very colourful dental car that will go to secondary schools for a period of time every year...The dentists i got for the past two years are quite ok...For the one i got this year, he's friendly but too bad his skills are not...Almost everyone's gum bleed after dental and it's only one dentist...The one i got and the one everyone will get...Till now my teeth stills hurt lor...What to do??I don't go see dentist one cost very expensive and this one in school is like free...So no choice la, just have to face the fact...Actually ok la, at least i will get free fillings for my 2 newly decayed tooth due to the many chocolates and sweets i have eaten over the periond for about one year...

Haiz, i have to take part in the campcraft competiton...No choice...Is more like we don't have a choice lor...What to do???There's nothing we can do but just wish that it will come sooner so that we can get over it...The only good thing today is that the camp is postponed... :) So it won't clash with the boy's team campcraft comp on the 18 feb whereas the girls is on the 25... Good, then we can have more time to plan the camp le...Especially the nightwalk part which me and sb told jufri personally that we will plan that, which is always the most exciting part of the camp...

The latest np mag will only be out like next month, i can't wait to get my hands on it...Cause my article on the taiwan trip should most likely to be published in there...

Kkz...Blog till here today...

Wishes for year 2006:
Slim down/cut down weight before july.
Better results
Fringe grow to the length desired
Get lots of red packets on CNY
Pimples and blackheads be gone from my face
Look good on grad ball(if there is)
Get a part-time job after 'o's
Buy full set of loki comics
(Thats all till now)

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