A tired soul... ...

A Tired Soul
I am getting tired these days...It's like I am tired of having to put up a smile everyday and act as if I am very happy every single day...Why is it always to be me who's the one to be a listening ear to my friends and I am the one who gives advices most of the time not easy to be able to do all these, it's very tiring as time goes by.
Finally, I can feel the stress, in the past I just ignore the stress but not now.This time round the stress is just too much to handle...I am confused as time goes by...I don't know what I am doing...I need to find a way to let out my stress or else I am going to break down soon...I really need someone to listen to my problems and help me with them I doubt that there's anyone who can help me with this as I don't think there's anyone who can understand what I meant.No one will be able to understand the life I am going through.No one can understand how I feel...
I am just a nobody...I am not needed, I am just there for convenience.Even if i am gone, no one will notice, life will still go on for the others.The world will continue to go round the axis.This is just so sad, don't you guys think so?

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