I used to be a huge fan of Pokemon~

Wanted to take a small break from the projects and all.

My eye then caught a box underneath the DVD player in my mum's room, and i decided to take some picture.

These were all collected during my primary school times, mainly during primary 4 i think.
Most of these come from those capsules, those you put $1 or $0.50 then turn one. Part of them came from pasar malam where they sell 5 for $2 or something if i am not wrong.

This collection consists of the original yellow version and some from the gold/silver version.

More pictures and close-ups.~
Close ups aren't great but the camera's running out of batt and i was thinking this to be just a quick shot. Since the main focus is more on the amount of pokemon figurines i have. XD

Din bother to count them though, but i believe i have at least a hundred. You can count them if you want. :P

This is just part of my 'capsule' toy collection. The pokemon part~
Even though i am no longer a huge fan of pokemon, i am still forever addicted to capsules!! HAHA~

Okay, that's all for today!

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