New Year, New Resolutions~~

Bye 2008, Hi 2009!!!
Unlike most people, i am not going to sum up what happened during the past year. Cause, it's already in the past and what happened cannot be undone. But i am going to list down some memorable events that happened though. XD
  • My 18th birthday steamboat with my Besties~
  • Jam&Hop'08~
  • Haloween'08 spent at Mediacorp studio~
  • The several class gatherings i had this year~
  • V-Post Nuffnang Christmas Party~

Not that much though. Haha~

Ok, now's the time for New Year Resolutions~ Forget about last year's, cause i think any been realized. LOL~

  1. EXERCISE MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT/SLIM DOWN (I am always to lazy to fulfill this :P)
  2. Get my skin cleared of pimples/acne/acne scars.
  3. Get a good internship and do well for it.
  4. Good grades, maintain GPA at 3.
  5. Save money, spend less.
  6. Try to fulfill my resolutions. :P

Ok, that should be all for now. Maybe i will have new resolutions in some other times. But for now, that's all.

So What's your new year resolutions?

Hope everyone will have a great year ahead. XD

P.S: I already got a new look for the new year XD

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