Brand New Look~

Change my blogskin finally.
Of course, it's not an original blogskin by me.
You will never be able to see one of my own~
Due to the very fact that those coding are alien to me.
The most i can do is to make some minor changes to current codings available.

After a long while, i got tired of my old blog skin and my own noob looking banner. Hence, i decided to surf through for a brand new skin. After looking through one quarter of the skins available on that web, i decided on this. Cause it's cute~


One bad thing is that the space available for the blog post itself is quite small. It's ok for normal word entries, but for entries with pictures, it will jut out if the pic is too big. Hence, i will only post small sized pictures in future.

Lastly, a very happy chinese new year to everyone. Although it's already the 4th day of CNY.
Will not be updating anytime soon due to the nearing exams. But no worries, after the exams, i shall resume regular blogging. XD

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