Some Random Pics~

Taken on first day of CNY~
Waiting in the car for my 3rd bro to get ready~~

And i took this picture on my own~

Looks like someone took it for me right? Haha~

This was the cute little pudding that i hang on my handphone~
But it got lost when i was chatting on the phone while walking~

Haiz~ So sad~~

So I got this as a replacement~

You know those bread that action city sells?

They look so real and smells so yummy~

But I did not purchase as i think it's quite useless~

But then, they release new ones and this one that i bought is a keychain~

It's small and cute~

Plus it really do smell super yummy~

It's so yummy that even my mushroom wants to have a bite~ XD

My 2nd bro saw me taking pics of my bread and took out his DSLR to snap a few too~ XD

Ok~ I shall end my post here and go start mugging for my exams le~ Hee~


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