Maybe it's a curse~
Something always happened to me on Friday the 13th...
Either i fall down or i will knock against something or get injured somehow...

The start of today was quite fine...
Last paper, PMM.
And, it was an easy paper.
2 hours paper, i only took about 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete it.
I seriously think that it should be the 1 and a half hour paper instead of IMC...
IMC no time to finish.

And the moment i raise my hand to hand in the paper, took my stuff and walked out of the exam hall. I AM FREE!!!
Plus nothing bad happened..... Yet...

Then later met up with BY to go to chinatown to check out rates for travelling to tw or hk. Too expensive...

Saw the package to Bali, enquired about it, and decided to go there.

But when i told my mum about it later when i got home.
I was rejected......

She was like what can you do there?
Sit at the beach for all 4 days?
Singapore no beach ar?

Like excuse me?
Singapore beach, you take go compare with Bali beach.

Then say what very dangerous...
Blah, blah,blah...

Why don't go tw or hk?
Like excuse me, the ticket plus hotel itself already 600++ to 800++ liao... You are not sponsoring me even though i offered to ask you along.
Like i got money...
You got money you go alone la.

Ok la, don't go don't go la.
I shall stay at home for the whole of the 9 weeks hols.
I shall not even go for work.
I shall stay at home stare at travelling pics available on the net.
No need money, the most electricity only ma.
Not i pay also.

Oh yar, i am like what 9 years old??


No, i am going to be freaking 19 years old soon.

I hate this freaking world...
No, i hate this family...
Ever since the first day when i had my own mind of thinking.

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