A fun day out~

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Taken at the children's arcade at Bugis BHG~

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Dinner was at Indulgz Bistro~
Yes, the one that Xiaxue goes to~
( Din take much pictures~ Was busy chit chatting, laughing and eating~ XD)
I did not expect to be eating there at all that day~
But HL and BY's classmate brought us there and he's treating.
What i had that night was the crab chowder and the pink salmon with white wine sauce~ I also had the butterscotch and caramel thick shake.
Overall, i like what i had. Especially the white wine sauce and the thick shake~ Yup, i prefer the white wine sauce over the salmon, the salmon is fresh la~ But just like normal salmon. It's the sauce which brought it to another level.
The crab chowder is not bad, the taste is very thick and there is a generous portion of crab meat.
Compared to the truffle and mushroom chowder that HL had, which is very full of the taste of mushroom and herbs~ I prefer the crab chowder~
BY had the Char- Grilled Steak~ I got a bite from her and i felt that it's not bad but not that good either. Got it done medium but it's quite hard to cut~ I prefer the salmon over this~
HL had the creamy mushroom and chicken spagetthi. It's quite nice but abit too creamy. Or should i say the cream it's too thick. Hehe~
Service wise, i think that it's good~ The waiter's friendly and quite good looking according to HL. LOL~
The overall experience over there is quite good~
We are the only diners there that night, and we laughed quite loud at times~ LOL~ Which does not matter since we are the only one there~ Hehe~~

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