Movie: Vampire Suck

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I am sure many of you love watching comedies, or even spoofs of popular titles. Vampires Suck is both a comedy and spoof of twilight produced by JASON FRIEDBERG & AARON SELTZER. Twilight fans might hate it and anti fans might love it. 

I myself am a fan of the books and can’t wait to see how this comedy spoof of the series will turn out. I have watched the trailer and am widely amused. I believe it’s quite a good show for laughter, just don’t take it too seriously and I am sure people will actually enjoy the show.

From the trailer, I see that the movie includes the fan girls of Edward and Jacob.  I think it’s quite smart to add in the fan girls as it’s a very amusing thing to see the fan girls fight it.

I would love to catch this movie soon and tell you all how I find it.
You can check out the official site of Vampires Suck to find out more! XD

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