Gone Shopping

Went shopping at Far East with sortie today.
We kind of combed every shop over there la.
Actually main purpose there is help sortie buy a pair of flats.
In the end, we ended up buying a pair of heels each. XD
But then the heels that we bought are seriously a good buy la.
I bought my pair from mondo for only $9.90!!
Very cheap right, the original price is $25.90.
It's selling at such a cheap price because only left a few sizes.
I am lucky to get something i like that is in my size. XD
Sortie bought a pair of short boots at $15.90.
Quite a good deal too since short boots are normally priced at like $30-$50 plus.
After we bought our heels, we decided to shop for clothes.
I tried on one top which is quite nice.
Kind of like it but then i din buy it in the end...
It's not really that expensive la...
But still decided against buying...

I am tired of wearing t-shirts and three quarter pants every time...
I want a change of wardrobe!!!
But then, i can't bring myself to spend too much money on clothes.
I am not someone who go after brands or trends.
I just want clothes that are nice and comfy.
Just don't understand why clothes cost so much...
And all those nice nice clothes are like more then $20 per piece...
Maybe it's normal to most people but to me, it's alot...

Yet, i can bring myself to splurge on items like magazines, books, cute stuff,idols stuff. Things that are not really useful, things that just look nice.
I think i know why...
Cause i am a collector...
From young, i love to collect stuff. Especially odds and ends.
I just love collecting stuff la.
From toys to books to cards to accessories and many more.

Maybe i am just stingy la.
Cause the things i splurge on are things that my mom certainly won't buy for me.
While for clothes, she pays.

But i like to window shop though.
It's fun to go into the shops and look around, not buying anything.

Okie, i shall end here.

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