I miss school...

Don't know why i miss school suddenly.
Maybe it's because school is starting soon?
Well, i have spent the last 2 months slacking at home, catching up with friends.
Out of the 2 months, i only spent 4 days working.
Well, at least i worked.

Actually going to school is very meaningful.
You get to learn something and you get to have fun too.
Some lessons might be boring but we can always entertain ouselves.

Due to the fact that i have no intentions to continue my studies after poly. I only left with two more years to study. After that, i will be stepping into the working society.
Haiz, time really do flies...
Hence,i will definitely treasure the two years i have left to study.Because i am sure that i will miss left being a student after i graduate and start working.

Shall blog till here today.

Countdown to my birthday: 6 days XD

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